Power Plus 3.3 LiFE (LFP) Low Voltage Battery Module

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Quick Overview

PowerPlus Energy is an Australian manufacturer of Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries used in solar and industrial applications. Currently offering 24v and 48v battery modules equipped with an internal Battery Management System (BMS) offering a level of operation and design flexibility not often found in alternative solutions. High voltage range planned for release in July 2019.

Cont discharge 63A

Cont charge 0.5C (C2) 32A

 - LiFePO4 chemistry
 - 51.2 VDC (nom)
 - 66 Ah modules
 - 3.3 kWh modules
 -  IP55  
 - Inbuilt BMS, no BMS comms to inverter required

 - Self Managed LFP Battery- suits most inverters and MPPT
 - High Efficiency - 30% more PV stored
 -  Lead Acid Replacement - or possible parallel connection

Designed in Australia, manufactured in Australia.

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